Laurence & Helena Jones

At a public meeting held by residents in our estate, in 2011 regarding the presence and indications of  pyrite damage. A presentation and question and answer session conducted by Aidan O’Connell was most enlightening.
We later engaged Aidan O’Connell & Assoc. to examine our home. Following a comprehensive examination an indication of the presence of pyrite and other issues with regard to health & safety were revealed and a recommendation that a test bore should be made to confirm a presence of pyrite.
A detailed report (which included photographs) of the exam was later issued to us. On our request a firm of geological surveyors  was recommended who completed the test most satisfactorily, sent samples to the UK for analysis and issued a full report of the results which indicated the presence of pyrite in the sample.
In the meantime we have maintained contact with A. O’C & Assoc who have been most helpful in keeping us up to date with developments.

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