Pyrite Resolution Board launch new website

The Pyrite Resolution Board appointed by the Minster for the Environment, Community and Local Government have launched their new website The new website has been set up to deal with the pyrite affected homes in Fingal, Dublin City, Meath, Kildare and Offaly only. The website details how the process will work, which we have summarised into the key points below.

Conditions that must be met

  • The property must be located in one of the following areas, Fingal, Dublin City, Meath, Kildare or Offaly.
  • Built between January 1997-July 2012
  • Must be tested and shown to have damage relating to pyrite heave in accordance with IS398. This includes the testing and Building Condition assessment report.
  • It must be shown that there is no other avenue of viable redress available to the homeowner.

This last condition is a little unclear as it does not state what exactly an “avenue of viable redress” is.

Costs Covered under the Scheme

If your application is accepted the following costs shall be covered.

  • The sampling and subsequent reporting of the hardcore.
  • The cost of the Building Condition Assessment Report up to a maximum of €500 (including VAT) provided that the report categorises the property in the D category with a Damage Condition Rating of 2 (i.e Red Category). This will unfortunately lead to some home owner’s reports fees not being covered by the scheme as it now stands.
  • Temporary storage of fixtures and fittings up to a maximum of €2,500 (including VAT).
  • Temporary accommodation whilst the remedial works are being carried out up to a maximum of €3000 (including VAT).
  • The entire remedial works process including preparation of documents, inspections, snagging and issue of the final certificates.
  • Note: According to the pyrite panel website, no other costs incurred by the homeowner to date will be covered.

Pyrite homes and the local property tax

The website does not clarify the issue on whether or not the pyrite affected homes have to pay the above charge. Instead you are referred to the Revenue at

It is envisaged that the Pyrite Resolution Board scheme will be up and running by July 2013. There is an information leaflet available on their website.

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