Building Condition Assessment Report

The Building Condition Assessment Report (BCAR) is an Engineering Report that must be carried out in accordance with IS398-1 and must be undertaken by a “competent person” (i.e. a Chartered Engineer). This report must be carried out in order for a homeowner to submit an application to the Pyrite Resolution Board (PRB). As quoted from the PRB websiteA copy of the Building Condition Assessment Report (in pdf format) must be attached to the application”.

The report is a large detailed document usually consisting of between 50-70 pages and includes photographs of the internal/external cracking as well as drawings of the internal/external elevations.

The report is carried out in order to determine the cause of cracking or damage in a property. Cracking etc. may not always be caused by pyrite heave as cracking to a property can occur for a number of non-pyrite related reasons;

  • Expansion/contraction
  • Shrinkage
  • Render issues
  • Design and construction defects

It is for this reason that it is essential that a competent person with experience in this area of expertise carries out the report.

A detailed survey will be carried out from which an accurate and detailed floor plan will be drafted. A ground floor level survey will also be carried out and this forms an important part of the report. Every elevation and ceiling/floor of every room on the ground floor of the house will also be drawn with the cracks clearly highlighted on them. The same procedure will be completed for the external elevations and cracks.

All cracks on the ground floor will be recorded and categorised according to IS398-1. The Engineer will then categorize the property according to IS398-1 giving it a category 1 or Category 2 rating. In cases where a Category rating of 2 is determined, the homeowner can lodge the (BCAR) as part of their application to the PRB.

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