Pyrite Resolution Board Update 17th June 2013

Aidan O’Connell has asked the following question of the Pyrite Resolution Board (PRB);

“It is being suggested by some Engineering Practices seeking work under the IS398 process that the PRB will not be requiring drawings / sketches of the internal wall elevations or the external walls. This is in contravention of the specifics of the standard IS398 Part1.

Can you please confirm if the PRB is deviating from the aforementioned standard and now not requiring annotated drawings / sketches as per the standard? This obviously will have a major impact on the cost of preparing the Building Condition Assessment.”

Unfortunately at this time I have not had any reply or even an acknowledgement of my Question. We await their earliest response.

The importance of this query relates directly to the proposed house survey by engineering companies on properties suffering pyrite problems. This property survey known as the Building Condition Assessment under IS398 Part 1 currently requires detailed annotated sketches / drawings to be part of this report. Aidan O’Connell & Associates Ltd has always produced these drawings as our normal procedure and in accordance with IS398. However, if the Pyrite Resolution Board decides to accept a lower standard then that should be published immediately to save cost to the homeowner. Competent structural engineers with experience in pyrite problems and related damage are necessary to do these property surveys and such chartered engineers are currently not very common in Ireland.

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