Pyrite Resolution Board (PRB) Update 17th September 2013

Query from AOC Ltd to the PRB:

From the presentation given by Mt Noel Carroll last Tuesday I gathered some information. For clarity I note what I perceived to be the facts. I set them out below. If I am incorrect you might advise me.

  • The PRB is deviating from IS398 Part 1 as follows:
  • Architects will be allowed to do the inspections and reports
  • Full reports are not required as Directed by IS398.
  • Normative Sections of the Standard will not be required to be submitted to the PRB.
  • Testing of the infill will not be done by independent testing company retained by the homeowner.
  • Pyremco will do the testing and the homeowner will not be informed of the results. “Mr Carroll stated that as Pyremco will be paying the homeowner will not see them”
  • The PRB do not want to see any additional pages other than no 28,33. “Submission of a full report would require the PRB to review same and they don’t have the resources to do that”.

Overall it became very clear that IS398 is being thrown in the bin and that the testing of the infill will be directed and controlled by Homebond, CIF and ICF. Full complete reports in accordance with the standard will not be prepared or submitted to the PRB.

I wonder why NSAI were even asked to prepare such a standard and waste our time on it.


Reply from the PRB:

Dear Aidan,

We wish to express surprise at the negative tenor, interpretation and presentation of the issues raised in your email dated 01/07/13. We believe that previous correspondence, together with the issues discussed at the CPD module, had fully address these matters and that the details of the remediation scheme published by the PRB are clear.

Nevertheless, I will endeavour to reiterate the details of the operation of the scheme as follows:

A competent person can undertake the Building Condition Assessment (See Section 5 and the definitions in I.S. 398). Therefore, registered Engineers, Architects and Building Surveyors that satisfy the criteria outlined in my previous email, can undertake the Building Condition Assessment.

For the purposes of making an application to the PRB, a Building Condition Assessment in accordance with I.S. 398 Part 1 must be undertaken. It is a matter for the professional concerned, to comply with I.S. 398 Part 1 in this regard.

Typically the report template in Annex A would be used, however it should be noted that pages 28 and 33 of Annex A are required to accompany the application. Where it considers it necessary, the PRB will request any documentation upon which the assessment was based. This may include full reports, Annex A and Annex B (normative) of IS 398.

As you are aware, in order to complete Annex A, evaluation of the visual damage as per Annex B (normative) is undertaken first, in order to assign attributable values to the damage observed and to arrive at a Condition Damage Rating.

Applications that are validated will be passed to Pyremco for Building Categorisation. Pyremco will be responsible for arranging testing and categorisation. Owners will not be arranging or paying for the testing of the hardcore and will be informed of the outcome.

We believe that competent persons will have little difficulty with regards to the operation of the scheme.

The response from professionals so far, has been very supportive and we believe that they will contribute to the process in a positive manner to ensure early remediation of affected dwellings.

The focus of the Pyrite Resolution Board is directed towards the early remediation of houses with significant damage from pyritic heave.

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