Laurence & Helena Jones

At a public meeting held by residents in our estate, in 2011 regarding the presence and indications of  pyrite damage. A presentation and question and answer session conducted by Aidan O’Connell was most enlightening.
We later engaged Aidan O’Connell & Assoc. to examine our home. Following a comprehensive examination an indication of the presence of pyrite and other issues with regard to health & safety were revealed and a recommendation that a test bore should be made to confirm a presence of pyrite.
A detailed report (which included photographs) of the exam was later issued to us. On our request a firm of geological surveyors  was recommended who completed the test most satisfactorily, sent samples to the UK for analysis and issued a full report of the results which indicated the presence of pyrite in the sample.
In the meantime we have maintained contact with A. O’C & Assoc who have been most helpful in keeping us up to date with developments.

David Devine

Aidan O’Connell & Associates provided a professional service that put our minds at ease. Everything was well explained and there was no pressure on us, it was good to have this as the process can be very stressful. I would have no hesitation in recommending AOC to anyone, all the documentation we received was of a high quality and AOC staff were polite and helpful at all times.

Una and Finbar O’Carroll

We were very upset to discover our home had pyrite damage. We were covered by Premier Guarantee, but we did not know where to start.

Aidan O’Connell and Associates Engineers sent us the forms that had to be completed and a very understandable explanation regarding the tests we had to carry out to prove to our insurer that the level of pyrite in our home was sufficient to require Structural Remediation.

When work commenced by the builder assigned to us, Colin Scott Engineer from Aidan O’Connell oversaw each stage of the remediation works carried out on our home.

Aidan O’Connell’s were always available to us.

The documentation both before and after the works were very easy to understand.

We are now back in our lovely SAFE home and would recommend Aidan O’Connell to anyone experiencing pyrite problems.