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How is Pyrite Heave Repaired?

There a number a steps in the Pyrite Heave Remediation process. Below is a simple outline of the works involved

    1. Aidan O’Connell & Associates Ltd shall upon the owner’s consent take possession of the property for a period of approximately 12 weeks. During this time the full remediation process shall be carried out.
    2. Firstly the entire ground floor will be stripped back to ground floor slab and the skeleton structure of the property.
    3. The floor slab will next be cut into sections and removed from the property. The insulation and DPM (Damp Proof Membrane) shall next be removed carefully ensuring an overlap of DPM remains at the extremities of the floor slab, allowing the new DPM to tie into the existing DPM in the outer wall of the property.
    4. The sand blinding and contaminated Pyritic hardcore material will next be removed completely from the property and the rising walls inspected by an Engineer for damage. If in the case there is damage to the rising walls these shall be repaired and certified by one of our Engineers to be structurally sound.
    5. New Certified “Clean” hardcore in accordance with IS-398 will be replace the old fill material. This material will be compacted and a new blinding, DPM, insulation and floor slab will be laid strictly in accordance with IS-398 and the Building Regulations.
    6. The contractor will then reinstate the property to the condition it should have been in prior to the damage caused by the Pyritic Heave including reinstatement of finishes, kitchen, etc.

All works undertaken must be certified and carried out in accordance with IS-398. This will include certification of the new stone and all structural works undertaken.